Saginaw Police supervisor has been demoted along with two officers disciplined over the fatal shooting of Milton Hall.  City officials announced Friday morning the recent actions taken after further review of the incident.

On July 1st, six police officers opened fire on the mentally ill Milton Hall shooting 46 times but only hitting him six times.  Since that fatal day the Saginaw community has been in a uproar over this incident.  Community leaders has demanded justice for Milton Hall but until now nothing has happened.

I have not followed the story much but I do feel like this was a tragic situation.  I can not pick a side and agree with anyone.  The community hasn't come together to help the mental ill persons that walk our streets.  Now, the community comes to the rescue after the fact.  The Police Department didn't have to use so much force but they need to protect themselves at all times as well.

Yes I am conflicted in this issue.