I am surprised that no one has tried this before.  Cannabis laced products seem to pop up everywhere but not in a butcher shop until now.  A Seattle Butcher shop decided to feed their pigs marijuana to improve the quality of the meat.  Can someone say high meat?

William von Schneidau has started to produce what he calls, 'pot pigs.'  The State of Washington voters legalized marijuana which allows Schneidau to feed his hogs weed and not get any handcuffs.  The news of him selling his 'pot pigs' has not turned anyone away from his business, yet.  According to Seattlemet,

Apparently, not all mammals can process THC, but most have cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoids are the other chemicals in marijuana, often linked to the medicinal properties, which help with pain and discomfort. Pigs have these receptors, and the four that ate this enhanced feed gained more weight and likely felt way more mellow than their non-ganja feeding friends.

If you're like me, you are wondering if the pigs are getting high.  The answer is no.  Pigs are not receptive to the THC in marijuana but the drug does make the hogs more relaxed.  The nutritional value for the hogs are the fiber from the plant which has become apart of their regular diet.

As crazy as the story is, I know this will be profitable for the butcher shop ran by William von Schneidau.  Would you purchase any of the 'pot pigs' products if they were sold in Flint? Leave your response below in the comment section.