57% of football fans in America think that the Super Bowl, the holiest of football holy days, should be changed to Saturday!

ESPN just posted the results of a poll asking people if they'd rather see the Super Bowl played on Sunday, or moved to Saturday.  The results came back in favor of a change, but there was a unique twist to it.

It seems that Super Bowl partying might have the biggest effect on peoples decisions on when the game should be.

Interestingly enough, the vote was split almost perfectly down the center of the country.  Virtually every state in the Eastern and Central time zones said Saturday, virtually every state in Mountain and Pacific said Sunday.

That makes sense, timing-wise, since the game is over earlier in the night in the Mountain and Pacific areas.  There's more time to recover, sober up and still get a full night of sleep.  The other time zones don't have that luxury, and are forced to wake up at the same time Monday morning.

So would you rather see the Super Bowl played Saturday or Sunday?