Being locked up does pay if you're a student who almost died after being left in a DEA cell for 4 days.  Being awarded just over $4 million dollars isn't that bad.

Daniel Chong, then 25 year-old college student, was detained after a raid on a home he was visiting.  After confiscating larges amounts of drugs and weapons, it was clear someone had to be arrested.  During the interrogation, the DEA proved that Chong had nothing to do with the illegal drugs and weapons and promised he would be charged.

Chong was then left in the 5x10 cell for four days without being checked on.  During the detainment, Chong lost 15 pounds, drunk his urine to survive, was covered in his own waste, dehydrated, and close to death.  The college student thought he would die in the cell and tried to carve "Sorry Mom" into his arm but was only able to make the "s."

The forgotten student told BBC News that being left in the cell was an accident but I can image he was thankful for not losing his life.

"It sounded like it was an accident - a really, really bad, horrible accident."

The left for dead student filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and settled out of court for just over $4 million dollars.  That is a lot of money but nothing can repay the damage the DEA caused him.  I'm glad to hear someone was compensated for a horrible failure by the justice system.

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