The sneaker sneakers of the day goes to the Supra 'Moon' Pack.

Supra will take everyone to the moon with the Supra ‘Moon’ Pack.  The Supra ‘Moon’ Pack features two styles of sneakers, Supra Lite and Supra Vaider Lite, which uses SUPRAFOAM soles.  The SUPRAFOAM soles are used for a light weight feel that helps prevent compression wrinkles and spreads impact equally.

Both Supra Lite and Vaider Lite have the black Raptor TUF and padded black mesh lining.  The Supra LIte rocks a red sole while the Vaider LIte picks a white sole.  No matter which pair you decided to put on when you land on the moon, you should enjoy each step you take.  Check your local Supra retailer for the ‘Moon’ Pack.