Rapper T.I. and Tiny are having some relationship issue and if they split, 'No Mediocre' woman will catch his eye.  Iggy Azalea assist her mentor on his newest song for his upcoming album, 'Paperwork.'

T.I. raps about his taste in women and we're not surprised. He raps,

"Right hand in the air I solemnly swear / I never f--- a bitch if she don't do her hair."

"I'm kicked back with four pieces like a Kit Kat / Me f---ing if you ain't a dime just forget that / Pretty face fat ass, if she don't have / Have one of these well I think I'll pass."

Iggy comes onto the DJ Mustard produced track at the second verse taking shots a haters instead of talking about her must have qualifications to date her.

"But I need a bad boy rest in peace Whitney pardon me / But I don't think none of these bitches f---ing with me / Want a billboard bitch stop running in place / Heels on me saying gimme six inches of space."

The video has been shot in Brazil where a large number of no mediocre women reside.  When the video drops, we'll share it with you.  Flint, we want to know, should we play this T.I. song 'No Mediocre?'

Listen to T.I.'s 'No Mediocre' Feat. Iggy Azalea