T.I.'s early release from federal prison did not last long.  Less than 24 hours after he was released he was ordered back, and sent to a different facility.

The details are sketchy, but it has been confirmed that something about his transport from Arkansas to Atlanta is the cause of his problems.

The police did confirm that drugs were not involved in any way with this case.  So what did send T.I. back to the Feds?

Much of the speculation points to how T.I. was going to travel.  He had set up a luxury tour bus and an entourage of people to take him to Atlanta.

When asked exactly where T.I. was going a Federal Spokeswoman said,

I am not able to disclose where he was transferred. T.I. was "in transit" Thursday evening.

With a book, reality series and album all in the works, how far back do you think this puts T.I.'s comeback?