T.I. is on the cover of the December/January issue of VIBE. He opened up about his controversial thoughts on Osama Bin Laden, the penal system, the gay community, and he also went after people who think his wife Tiny should have taken the charge for him. T.I. said he has 45 songs in his vault that he's considering for his eighth studio album, "Trouble Man". The set drops in February. Check out what he had to say below!

On Conspiracy Theories and Bin Laden's Death:

“It’s like everybody that the U.S. was besties with, years later they’re the worst person in the world. My question is what character traits do they possess now that they didn’t possess when y’all were besties? What made it go astray, and who’s to say they were on the dishonest end of that? I’m a conspiracy theorist by nature. You can’t experience the federal penal system and not be somewhat skeptical."

On Equal Rights And Homophobia:

"Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I ever heard Tracy say during a stand-up was, ‘C’mon man, I think gay people are too sensitive. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.’ That shit was funny to me. And it’s kind of true.’

“They’re like, 'If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ That’s not American. If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’"

On people who say Tiny should have taken the drug charge for him:

"I’ma tell you, 50 Cent and anybody else, we not gonn’a  have no discussion about what my ole lady should’a, would’a, couda done for anything as it pertains to me. We ain’t gonn’a do that. I’m the only one in my family that’s gonna take a lick when it pertains to the legal system. Since me, none of my other family members have seen a jail cell. Nobody. I’m the last one. The buck stops here. I feel that a person that stands behind his woman for a criminal charge is a coward anyway. She wasn’t gonna catch it period, ’cause I’m there. That wasn’t even a consideration. Even if she asked me to I would’ve been like, 'Nah, you trippin’."