T.I. is finally at home with his family and friends.  This morning T.I. was released from the Atlanta Halfway House.  T.I. has had his run ins with the law the last past couple of years.  T.I. just finished up his 11 month sentence for probation violation which occur about a year ago. The King was on probation due to the federal gun charges he plead guilty to two years ago.  We expect to see T.I. to hit us with a blitz of things such as his music, VH1 reality show, and book.

The rapper served two stints in the Arkansas prison. He served seven months there in 2009 as part of an unusual sentence negotiated two years ago to resolve federal gun charges. Those charges followed his attempt to buy three machine guns in the parking lot of an Atlanta grocery store.

His latest time behind bars was triggered by his arrest, along with his wife, after a motorcycle officer stopped their car on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California, a year ago.

via  CNN.com.