T.I. has been a pretty busy dude since being released from prison almost a month ago. Tip has been doing shows, promoting his new book and recording new music for his upcoming album. He linked with Pharrell for a new track called 'Hear Ye, Hear Ye' that you can check out below.

Also T.I. addressed the comments 50 Cent made about his wife Tiny. Listen to what he had to say and more.


T.I. finally responded to 50 Cent's remarks that suggested his wife Tiny should take responsibility for the drug possession charge that landed him behind bars for almost a year.

T.I. said:

"Well, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to just speak on how I handle situations and how I handle myself. I mind my business. You know? If it don't got nothing to do with me, I don't speak on it because I don't have enough information to speak intelligently on the situation. I only speak on how I deal with myself and how I handle myself. I mind my business. You know what I'm saying?"

No comment from 50 Cent or his camp.