Has anyone else watched the new T.I. & Tiny series on VH1 called 'Family Hustle'? Tip is finally out and trying to better his life along with making it back to the top of the chart. Check out some of the best moments from the 2nd episode and see what T.I. had to say below.

On how he wants to work with his family:

"There are so many platforms that my family has that they would like to showcase to the world. We feel like the new reality show is the best way to execute and take advantage of the opportunity to  showcase these talents, hustles and abilities to the world."

On his reality show:

"People talk so much and draw a false conclusion based on what they don't know. So if you give them something, if you show them, then at least they can speak from a place of knowledge and intellect rather than from a place of confusion and assumption. People assume my life to be a certain way because I've gone through certain things but they don't recognize that I'm still a man. I still have a family. I'm still very much a family man."

On producing for OMG Girlz and mentoring his son, Domani:

"I'm trying to see how many times Domani is gonna make the same song, though. He be saying some fly shit. But it's all about the money. I'm trying to see, 'What is your internal message?' 'What have you experienced?' 'What message would you like to convey besides that?' When I feel like he's reached a level where I feel like he needs to be challenged in a different way, then I'm going to challenge him in a different way."

"As for OMG Girlz, we just shot their first video. I'm very proud of them. They're on the Scream tour right now with Diggy, Mindless Behavior. They're loving it. They're about to end this first leg then after that we're going to go in together and I'm going to have to make my contributions to the album, production wise. I got some records that I would like to offer them."