Rapper T.I. who was sent back to jail right about he was released the last time for a whole laundry list of things, is counting down the days until he's a free man! Tip who hasn't really been talked about much after going back to the slammer from drug possesion wrote a open letter to his fans letting them know that he appreciates their love and support. Read the full letter below and watch the pre-jail interview with T.I.

T.I. wrote:

"What up world? I appreciate the continued love and support that everyone has been giving me. This chapter in my story will soon be coming to an end and I will be back in the flesh with you sooner than later."

"In the meantime I want to give a special shout out to a few particular individuals that have been sending me letters, cards, comments, tweets and just overall holding me down. A little loyalty goes a long way with me. I don't do fake sh*t shawty. So I can't thank y'all enough for keeping it 1 thousand and as soon as I'm able I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR!!! And that's on PHIL!!! I love y'all and I'll see you in September."

Check out the pre-jail interview with T.I.