2011 Told Through Twitter – Year in Review [Video]
So 2012 is finally the year you are going to better yourself, lose weight, makes moves and blah blah blah. Let's start the new year off right by ending the old one with a look back.
One final year end review for 2011 is here, this time it's a look back via Twitter. Some of the best Tweets o…
‘JibJab’ Says Goodbye To 2011 [Video]
'JibJab' is pretty notorious for its year ending montages, and they definitely hit the mark for 2011.
Touching on everything from Charlie Sheen to "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and even 'Friday'.
If you think you may have missed anything this year, watch closel…
2011 NFL Draft Mark Ingram 28th Pick Of First Round
The 2011 NFL Draft is still going on as I put this up, but I have to say congratulations to Flint/Alabama RB Mark Ingram going in the 1st round to the New Orleans Saints as the 28th pick! Not only was Ingram just announced as the cover boy for EA Sports NCAA 2012 he is now officially a NFL Running B…
Lil B Calls New Album Gay [Video]
Lil B made the announcement at Coachella over the weekend that his new album would be titled "I'm Gay".  At a time when homophobia is a major topic in hip hop check out why this might be the smartest thing that Lil B could do.
Cee Lo Performs At Coachella [Video]
Cee Lo performed at Coachella over the weekend, but didn't make many friends with the festivals organizers.  Cee Lo was more than an hour late, and when he finally did hit the stage he blamed Coachella for not giving him a different set time.  Watch the performance and check out what …
Slut March 2011 [Video]
Slut march 2011 just took place in Toronto, leaving me asking two questions.
1. What the hell is Slut March?
2. Why don't I live in Toronto?
While I still don't have an answer for number 2, all the answers you need for number 1 are in the news report below.
Rihanna Announces Tour Dates
Rihanna has caught some heat the last few weeks about her new song/video for S&M (some stations even changing the name to "Come On", but that won't stop Rih Rih from what she's going to do. After all this non-sense Rihanna announced today that she'll be headi…
New Fashion For 2011??
Massimo Dogana has designed "F-U" shoes, which give the finger and say how the wearer really feels.
And if you can afford the $1,095 price tag, you can afford to flip off, anyone.