Elmo And He-Man Take On LMFAO [Video]
LMFAO should be flattered by all the parody's that have spawned from 'Sexy And I Know It'.
Homeless and Santa have been a couple so far that have been pretty funny.
This He-Man one might be my new favorite though.
I’m Sexy And I’m Homeless – LMFAO Parody [Video]
Bart Barker is one of the those guys that you probably don't know by name, but you've almost peed your pants laughing at his work.
Now you can get to know him, and don't forget the 'Depends' because 'Sexy And Im Homeless' is funny as hell.
LMFAO And Spongebob Make A Good Team [Video]
If you are the type of those people who has trouble with a song getting stuck in your head, you might not want to watch this.
The years most addictive songs mashed up with the oceans most annoying sponge is a recipe for disaster . . . or brilliance.
‘Party Rock Anthem’ Halloween Light Show [Video]
Halloween is right around the corner and this family celebrates it by dressing up there house and giving a light show to LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem'. This has to be illegal, I would crash the hell out of my car watching this!
I'll give it to them, This is one of the most creative …
LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It [Video]
LMFAO kings of the 'Party Rock Anthem' have another hit out 'Sexy And I Know It' with almost 50 million views! If you didn't know, that's a lot of views.
They arguably made Shuffling cool.  With this video will they make dancing in speedo's popular? Yup!
Oh yea …
‘Party Rock Anthem’ Ohio University Marching Band Style [Video
Most any marching band in America will tell you that halftime is showtime.
Even the guy playing the Clarinet because, his mom paid good money for that Clarinet! knows that halftime is his time to shine.
The Ohio University Marching Band is no different.  They make sure that the fans who didn't run to …
Karmin Covers LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem” [Video]
We have featured Karmin on the site many times, and each time I fall in love with Amy a little more.  This time they take on LMFAO and their huge song, "Party Rock Anthem".  While it is the usual genius that we have come to expect, Amy slips in an original verse to the co…