Jetblue Pilot Freaks Out During A Flight [Video]
Passengers on a Jetblue flight bound for Las Vegas got more than just an in-flight movie as they had to wrestle down one of the planes pilots.
The FAA said the captain was showing signs of "erratic behavior," so the co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit.  He apparently went in…
Is Your Job Making You Sleep Deprived?
Many people leave their job at the end of the day complaining about how tired they are, so how many are just whining and how many are actually fatigued?
The National Sleep Foundation did a study to find out what professions were the most tired, and how it affected them.
It turns out that the transport…
The ‘Black Diamond Jet Team’ Teaser Video Is Insane [Video]
The 'Black Diamond Jet Team' travels all around the world putting on air shows for huge crowds.
Watching from the ground is exciting because of the speed, noise and risk factor.  Riding in the cockpit looks like it would be exciting, until you peed your pants.
Man Kicked Off Of Plane After Screaming “Allah Is Great” [Video]
Passengers on a Continental Airlines flight to Houston had to help a flight attendant with an unruly Middle Eastern passenger.
The incident was caught on a camera phone used by another passenger, and shows the man being carted off of the plane.
Passengers gave KHOU a first hand account of what went do…
Flying People Are Spotted Over New York City [Video]
Recently reports flooded in concerning people who appeared to be flying over New York City.
While this stirred up a bunch of people, the flying objects weren't actually people at all.  Check out what they really were.

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