Should Michigan Extend Last Call For Alcohol Till 4am?
Michigan lawmakers are debating the pros and cons of allowing bars in the state to sell alcohol until 4am instead of the 2am cut off that is in place now.  There are supporters of both sides, but it looks like the two hour extension is gaining a little more ground.
Jeremih Gets Booed Off Stage After Lip-Syncing [Video]
Jeremih had a rough time Wednesday night in Texas when he took the stage at 'Claytons Bar & Grill' on South Padre Island.
What started as a special performance for some spring breakers, turned into an angry crowd and Jeremih doused in alcohol.
Snoop Dogg Has A New Drank [VIDEO]
Snoop Dogg may already have some problems with a new caffeinated alcohol drink that hasn't even come out yet! Snoop is promoting a new drink called "Blast" similar to "Four Loko" and they are already trying to get it banned a month before it hits stores. Blast has 12% alcohol and…