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Toni Braxton Says She’s Only Dating White Men Now [Video]
Toni Braxton was a guest on 'Anderson Cooper' and revealed to "Coop" that she has been playing in the snow recently.
It took Anderson, and the rest of the audience to figure out exactly what Toni was talking about.
That's when she revealed the latest discovery about he…
Anderson Cooper Talks Trash About Chris Brown [Video]
Anderson Cooper talk on Chris Browns role in an upcoming movie and Anderson Cooper isn't holding back any punches.
The drama over the whole incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna will forever be a shadow over the career of Chris Brown for the rest of his life.  It's seem no matter what he does, or …
Coop Got Attacked In Egypt By A Mob!
DANGY! The Big homie Anderson Cooper from CNN got beat down in Egypt by a mob. I'm a fan of Anderson Coopers work and to be informed of this is pure shock.  This Egypt mess is getting out of hand now. Get more detais