Man Rips Boot Off His Car [Video]
A man wasn't in the mood to deal with a boot on his and decides to take it off.
This is the most gangsta thing I've seen in years! Have you ever gotten a boot on your car? I don't even know what steps to take to get it off. This guy on the other hand didn't give a damn and takes m…
Neighbor’s Lawn Mower Is Making Him Swear [Video]
Have you ever been so mad at something that you just wanted to cuss?
In the end it makes you feel a little better, even though you were just cussing at an inanimate object.
The guy that's filming his neighbor swear at his lawnmower immediately earned my respect.  We've all said, "I wish I had tha…
Man With No Arms Destroys Hotel Lobby [Video]
An angry man with no arms walks into a hotel lobby, it sounds like the start of a bad joke doesn't it?  That's exactly what happened at a hotel in Miami, and when the man did not get the answers he was looking for he decides to re-arrange some furniture.  Watch and be amazed!