Animal Attack

Lion Attacks Trainer At Circus! [Video]
A trainer gets attacked by a lion during a performance at a circus show. How many times does this need to happen before people start to understand that training a large wild cat is not a smart idea.
Man Vs. Goose – Who Ya Got? [Video]
One of my biggest fears is being attacked by an animal, really anything that flies creep's me out. This guy stood toe to toe with a Goose and came out victorious. Why he didn't just run away? We'll never know, but if that was me I'd be in the nearest building ASAP!
Check out the v…
Dog Bites News Anchor In The Face [Video]
A news anchor was bit in the bottom lip by a rescued pit bull while she was leaning in to show her affection.
Do you think it was the anchors fault for getting too close? Or does this dog just need to be put down?
Pit bulls already have a bad reputation, and this little incident did not help.
Woman Get’s Bit By Zebra While Sitting In Her Car [Video]
A woman was bitten by a zebra while she was visiting a wildlife safari in Texas. She was in the passenger seat of a car and was eating from a bag of chips when the zebra walked up and bit her face. The video shows her screaming.
She wasn't seriously injured, and can be seen laughing during the l…
Ninja Squirrel Vs Stoners [Video]
Two stoners hear something scratching around in the trash, so they investigate only to be attack by a deadly squirrel!
It's not the squirrel attack that's funny in the it's the guy's reaction to it. It's so funny trying to understand what the stoner is saying, I couldn't…
Cat Protects Child From Mom [Video]
A mom is getting the smack down from the house cat for making the baby cry. Now I've said this once and I'll say it again. Get yourself a cat. Not a dog.
Why? I'll tell you why. If there is any drama in the house or any situation that might may cause someone harm a cat will have your back! When was t…
Polar Bear Attacks Lady That Poops In Public [Video]
A polar bear out of NOWHERE attacks a lady taking a poop in public. Let this be a warning to all you public squatters, A POLAR BEAR WILL FIND YOU AND STOMP YOU INTO THE GROUND!
This had to be the worst possible outcome for pooping in public lol. I would expect the cops to arrest her before a damn pol…
Reporter Attacked By Camel [Video]
There is nothing better than seeing some reporter trying to do a fluff piece for the local news station and being attacked by an animal!! None of these reporters were seriously injured during the taping of these stories, but here are some of my favorite videos. Hope this never happens to K Dubb when…