Bobby Shmurda Arrested [Video]
Can someone explain to me why do these rappers feel like that when they finally get a little fame, they feel that that they have to mess it up by going to jail.
New York rapper Bobby Shmurda isn't rich, but he does have a name for himself in some circles which could lead him to nice amount of mo…
Hot Dog Hooker? [Video]
A woman in long island uses her skills as a previous stripper to sell hot dogs but she was arrested offering a little more than just Frankfurters.
Hey before you get all judgmental ask yourself one question. "Whats better than hookers and hotdogs?" Nothing, that's the answer yo…
Mother Arrested for Beating Her Child With A Extension Cord [Video]
A mother in Indiana was arrested for beating her child with a extension cord until he ran out the house to a next door neighbor. Why? Because he was sagging his pants at school. She has since been  released  but received a Class D felony.
Damn really? If that's the case my mom should b…
Antoine Dodson Busted For Weed
YouTube sensation and...well that's it, just YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson was busted for weed over the weekend when he was pulled over for speeding. You would think that Dodson would take his own advice and "Hide ya weed, hide ya drugs" but that obviously wasn't the case! We have the m…
Jim Jones Arrested In NY
Wow it's seem like everybody is doing something stupid to get arrested. Last time it was Rick Ross....hmmmm I wonder who's next?
(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jim Jones was released from police custody after being arrested in New York City for driving with a suspended license...
Juelz Santana Arrested Held On $125,000 Bail
Yesterday the internet was buzzing about rapper Juelz Santana being arrested for multiple offenses. I don't like to be the person who spread bad news but dangy homie.  Find out all the charges.
Gucci Mane Free…For Now
Gucci Mane was freed from jail after getting arrested last week over prostitution charges. Remember just a few months ago Gucci was pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road, but somehow escaped both more to see what happened!