What States Produce the Most Professional Athletes?
Thanks to some outstanding research by the folks at Business Insider, we have good news if you're a kid growing up in Wyoming or Mississippi—you have a (relatively) great chance of becoming a Major League Baseball player someday. If you're from Utah, though? Eh, not so much.
Gender Testing For 2012 Olympics? [Video]
The Olympics will be more than likely enforcing gender testing for the 2012 Olympics for the female athlete's. They are in the works of finding out what is a appropriate level of testosterone for female competitors.
I for one think this is a necessity. I would hate to watch the Olympic games and watc…
Flint’s 10 Best Athletes
I feel like it's important to recognize Flint's top 10 athletes because Flint always gets a bad rap. Let's face it, people portray our city as violent, poor and generally not a nice place to visit. This negative perception of Flint causes people to miss out on our best export; the…