B-Ray’s Knockout of the week: Holy KnockOut [Video]
Some guys break out into a fight in front a church. Is there an written rule somewhere that says you can't fight in or around a church? Or whenever it pops off do you just handle your business?
What happen to the day were  people would hold off to settle an argument until they got off holy ground? I …
B-Ray’s Banned Commercials: Need Glasses? (NSFW) [Video]
Welcome to my new series Banned commercials! These will include commercials that would never ever air in America! This one for example proves that if you do find you a freaky girl make sure she has glasses so she can see what she's doing.
This video was actually the first Banned Commercial I ever saw…
B-Ray’s Knockout of the Week: Big Girl Throwdown!
Cat fight's are already brutal but when put a lil more meat on the bone you turn it into a battle of the ages when big girl's fight!
I love big girls you can't go wrong with them. Here's a list why.

They can cook
Their more fun to date
They can whoop ass
They fight better than some gu…
B-Ray’s Knockout Of The Week: Big Slap! [Video]
What happens when you play a slapping game with someone who way bigger than you? Knocked out is what! Bringing back my knockouts of the week with this huge slap!
It's been awhile I know but I'm back with full force and this great clip...
B-Rays Top Picks For Back To The Bricks [Photo’s]
Back to the Brick annual car show happening this week and I decided to head out and grab a few pic's. Some of you had a monster underneath the hood! Also most of you had some awkward and adorable cars.
It's great to see so much spirit and love for anything in Flint. To be the murder capital of the co…
B-Ray’s Knockout Of The Week: Drinking and Fighting [Video]
Now it's always fun to see some one get knocked out but it's even funnier when that person is intoxicated and talking trash! Almost every body has been in that situation before. Some random person who you don't know just decides on that one day to pick a fight with you and you alone. Now is this ext…
B-Ray’s Knockout Of The Week: Best of June [Video]
This week is brought the best and the most painful of the month of June. Your in for a treat this time around. This clip is full of very very painful accidents that will guarantee to make you laugh!
Whats funnier than watching almost 10 minutes of idiots doing what idiots do best? Nothing that the an…
B-Ray’s Knockout of The Week: Kiddie Knockout’s [Video]
This week is dedicated to all you spoiled brats out there! These video's are for every time you've tried to go to sleep and your kid woke you up in the middle of the night.
This is for every time you go out to the mall and your hard headed kid starts to cry because they can't get the New Justin Biebe…
B-Ray’s Knockout of the week: Strong Pimp Hand [Video]
Two guys are at a gas station and one guy doesn't like what the other guy is saying. So what happens? A strong dose of his pimp hand that's what! It may be hard to knock someone out with a closed fist but try slapping someone unconscious.... takes a lot of years in the pimp game to master.…
B-Ray’s Knockout of the Week: Broken Face [Video]
Knockout of the week comes from a Muay Thai match. The National past time in Thailand. Muay Thai is a very brutal sport that allows 8 options for striking. Which includes Knees,Feet,Elbows,and Fist for a deadly recipe for combat..

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