Baseball Rain Delay Turns In To Jousting [Video]
Baseball rain delays are boring.  They are boring for the fans, umpires and players.  Fans can go grab some food, but the players have to stay on the field, ready to play at a moments notice.  Watch how some college players passed the time, and risked their careers at the same time.
Fan Escapes Police At Baseball Game [Video]
Every time a fan gets on the field of play at any sporting event it ends badly.  Don't believe me?  Check this out to squash any doubts.
That's what makes what this man did at an Astros game a couple of weeks ago so amazing.  Watch as he avoids capture, and then disappears.
Hooo-ray Bat Catching! [Pic]
If you've ever thought catching a foul ball at a baseball game was hard, try catching a BAT!  Yes a bat!  Now try catching that bat and not spilling your Red Stripe in the process!  That's Mitch Davie did.
Miguel Cabrera Has A Meme
It was only a matter of time; Meme's know no boundaries, no fame, no shame.  Meme's know one thing, find a funny picture and make fun of it.  Thanks to the fine folks at With Leather for this.