The NBA D League Dunk Contest Was Way Better [Video]
Although the NBA D League is an after thought to the NBA fan, on this certain day the NBDL managed to upstage the NBA in it's most celebrated All Star weekend event. LD Williams (winner), Chris Roberts, Zach Andrews and Courtney Eldenson put on an impressive show during half time of the NBD…
Controversy Over $10K Half-Court Shot [Video]
Kentucky freshman Vincent Swope sank a half-court shot to win a halftime contest during Saturday's game against South Carolina, he did a victory lap around sold-out Rupp Arena. Organizers of the contest approached Swope in the midst of his celebration with a copy of the contract he'd signed and a…
Awesome Dunk Gets Faried His First NBA Points [Video]
Scoring your first points in the NBA has to be a great feeling, but when the entire arena explodes afterward, that would feel a little bit better.
Piston fans everywhere are a little starved for highlights so far this year, so excuse me for looking across the country for one.
Tip Dunk Is Amazing [Video]
This dunk is a perfect example of why Al Gore invented the internet!
In a gym full of tens of fans, an amazing play happens, and thanks to Al we all get to watch it!
20 Years Ago Today Magic Johnson Announced He Was HIV Positive [Video]
Twenty years today, Magic Johnson told the world that he was HIV-positive. Do you remember where you were when this press conference went down? I was 7 years old sitting in my living room with the whole family watching.
Not only has he survived, the former Laker guard has become a major face in the f…

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