Bath Salts

Miami Face-Eater Rudy Eugene Was High On Weed Not Bath Salts [Video]
According to the toxicology report from the Miami medical examiner, the only drug found in the system of the ‘Causeway Cannibal' was marijuana.
There was no trace of bath salts. The examiner even had a second lab confirm there were no traces of bath salts. The doctor said, "mar…
Here Is The Difference Between Zombies And Bath Salts [Video]
Just in case you were unsure, finally a video telling us the difference between Zombies and Bath Salts. FACT: If someone is eating you chances are they are from Florida and high on bath salts. If you have any other questions, please watch the video below.
This Is Why You Should Never Take Bath Salts [Video]
So you've probably been hearing about bath salts in the news lately, and how its linked to crazy activities including, but not limited to cannibalism.
You surely have asked, "I wonder if bath salts are for me?"  Well if you need some help this video should show you that it…