beat box

Man Beatboxes Super Mario Bros Theme Song. [Video]
Some of the best theme songs ever created were from video games.
To be more specific video games such as Super Mario Bros, Zelda Contra, and Sonic.
Hip Hop and video games have been intertwined since before The Notorious B.I.G. rapped about "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis".
Kid Drops Some Sick Beats In Class [Video]
After long search (5 minutes) I've found the next Doug E. Fresh. The only problem is I don't know this kids name, where he's from or how old he is. What better way to pass the time in math class than to 'Beat Box' in front of your classmates and try to impress the hot chicks…
Transformers Beat Boxing Tribute [Video]
A beat boxer named Anointed-S makes a tribute video to every bodies favorite Transformers. I'm a fan of Transformers and I have been since I was a kid. I'm also a fan of beat boxing. Like a really big fan!
I look at beat boxing as a lost art. It's slowly dieing but there are a few out there that are …