Kanye West Joins Q-Tip On Stage In Brooklyn [Video]
The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival took place recently, and the town that claims to be the home of hip hop did not disappoint.
Q-Tip took the stage and surprised the crowd when he brought up Kanye West.
This is one of the moments in concert history, when everyone at that show will be bragging to their that…
50 People, 1 Question [Video]
Vimeo is holding its first ever "Vimeo Awards" for creativity and innovation in and online video.  They announced some finalists last week, and this project struck me as amazing.  The concept is so simple, but it really shows a lot about who we are as people.  Check …
Hooo-ray Bat Catching! [Pic]
If you've ever thought catching a foul ball at a baseball game was hard, try catching a BAT!  Yes a bat!  Now try catching that bat and not spilling your Red Stripe in the process!  That's Mitch Davie did.