Cabin Fever II

Wiz Khalifa ‘The Tweak Is Heavy’ [Video]
Wiz Khalifa is going pretty hard for his mixtape Cabin Fever II with his new video The Tweak is Heavy.
How laid back is this dude in this video! He was basically doing the exact same thing in his other video off the Cabin fever II 'STU'. Just sitting in a chair, rapping. I still like it tho…
Wiz Khalifa ‘STU’ [Video]
Wiz Khalifa releases a video to his track 'STU' off his Cabin Fever 2 Mixtape. IF you have gotten your hands on that MIxtape yet click here.
I had the privilege of actually seeing Wiz in concert for the Wiz and Mac Miller tour, and when I say Wiz Khalifa is on another level of music, he really is. No…