Cam Newton

Top 5 Super Bowl Upsets [Video,Link]
I'm so excited. The Superbowl is tomorrow, that means the biggest game in the world, parties everywhere, and finger foods!! Not to mention an actual football game. The storyline isn't too bad either, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time for one more win before he most likely retire…
Crazy Things NFL Players Say [Video]
Unfortunately it'ts about that time of year again when the National Football League (NFL) goes away until the fall unless there is some kind of scandal going on, which the NFL does not need. In just a few days the biggest sporting event in the nation will be taken place.
Cam Newton Sing’s Justin Bieber And Tries To Freestyle [Video]
This years Number 1 Draft Pick Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has a lot of times on his hands with the NFL still in a lock out. Newton was caught at the Panini NFL Rookie Card Shoot singing to Justin Bieber's hit "Baby" and "Trying" to freestyle over Juelz Santana "Ther…