Bentley Continental GT Vs. Aston Martin Vanquish
If you had to choose between a 2012 Aston Martin Vanquish and a 2012 Bentley Continental GT which would you choose.
Aston Martin is known as the "James Bond Car", but with the new book Carte Blanche James Bond has switched over to the equally impressive Bentley Continental GT...
Clay’s Car Pick Of The Week At Lasco Of Grand Blanc [Video]
Clay heads out to Lasco of Grand Blanc and highlights a special vehicle of the week. What makes this vehicle so special you say? Well it's simple.
Watch this video for a chance to get a special offer on the car of the week! An off you can only get through Club937
Club937 Car & Bike Show [Gallery]
Check out the photo's from Club 937's car and bike show! We had some of the best rides in Flint show up along with Flint's top artist. Ifyou came out there is a good chance you in one of these photos..
People Run More Red Lights On Memorial Day Weekend
Running a red light is not an uncommon event considering more than 2.3 million people did it last year.
A new survey says that on Memorial Day Weekend, the number of drivers running red lights rises by almost 30%.
Volkswagen Shows Off Flying Car Concept In China [Video]
The days of people complaining that we don't have a flying car yet might be over.  Volkswagen debuted this concept car in China, and even though I can't understand a single word in the video, I do understand one thing:
Best Craigslist Car Ad Of All Time
When selling a used car, it's important to point out the finer points of the automobile.  It's key to make the prospective buyer know that this is the car for them, and almost make them feel like they NEED to buy this car.  I've never seen an ad do a better job of that, than…
How Many Miles Does It Take Before A Car Is Considered Old?
It's a fact that we are keeping our cars longer now, but there are a few different reasons why.  Cars are built to last longer now, and money is so tight that we are all forced to get the most out of our cars.
So what is the new standard for when a car officially becomes old?
Google Develops Self Driving Car For Blind People [Video]
Google develops a self driving car for blind people giving you a glimpse into the future! Now this can potential turn into one of the greatest technological advances we have made in years if done right, in my opinion.
Can you imagine driving cross country with having to pay attention to traffic? I kn…
West Coast Customs: Project Detroit Mustang By Microsoft [Video]
The people at West Coast Customs worked with developers at Microsoft and put together Project Detroit by Microsoft.
The idea was to create a car that features some of the cool things developers can do with Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Xbox 360, Kinect, and Bing.

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