Mercedes Makes The First Invisible Car [Video]
The guys over at Mercedes have developed a car that emits zero emissions, so for fun they decided to make it invisible also.
I get the concept. Zero emission means the environment won't see it, but to make the car actually invisible!? That's just reckless. And awesome!
Crazy Naked Woman Caught Stomping On A Car [Photo]
A naked "heavyset" woman in San Francisco had nothing but her shoes on when she walked up on the hood of a man's car and stomped on his windshield.
Police eventually had to pull her out of a bus that she had hopped on. When they grabbed her, they wrapped her with a blanket, but…
This Car Has Disappearing Doors [Video]
Have you ever pulled into a parking spot with plenty of room only to have someone park so close that you could barely get into your car?
That will never have to happen again with the new disappearing door!
Seriously, it actually disappears, check it out!
Man Buys 2012 Mustang For $563 [Video]
Normally a brand new 2012 Ford Mustang would cost you a little more than $30,000.  So how did this Minnesota man manage to buy his for less than $600?
The answer is a website called Fast Penny Cars, and they give you the chance to buy new cars for a fraction of the price. 
There is a catch of course,…
Parallel Parking Tricks [Video]
Who here has problems with parallel parking? Can't see out the side of the window? Poor judgment when measuring the distance between cars? Are you a woman? Well no longer do you need to worry as long as you follow the steps in this video!
Ludacris talks Fast and Furious 5
Ludacris recently did an interview with Allhiphop speaking on his upcoming film Fast and Furious Five. You may be a little surprised at what Luda has in store. I just know I can't wait for this movie to drop!!! Follow the link to read the full interview. Also follow Ludacris on Twitter.