For Your Pleasure, Cats Skydiving to R. Kelly
This is a commercial from Swedish insurance company Folksam. They are customer-owned and so took requests for commercials from their owners, who are also their customers. One customer, Eva, loves cats, apparently so much that nothing would make her happier than throwing a bunch of them out of a plan…
Cat Fights His Mirror Reflection [Video]
If there is one thing I know about cats, it's that they are idiots.  Sometimes they seem really smart, then they go and do something stupid as hell and prove the idea of their intelligence dead wrong.  This video serves as further proof.
‘Grumpy Cat’ Inspires Wonderfully Grumpy Fan Art
We were first introduced to 'Grumpy Cat' a few weeks back, when her hilarious scowl face went viral. Of course this begs the question, "why so grumpy lady kitty?" Maybe "Tard" (the cat's real name) likes being known as the cat with a permanent case of the kitty cat blues. Or mayb…
Funniest Cat Montage Ever [Video]
The internet is basically used for 3 things.  Porno, buying stuff and cat videos.  This montage features the best of best when it comes to cats and their idiotic, hilarious adventures.
Cat Eludes Dog With Amazing Ninja Move
As part of an ancient rivalry firmly lodged in the deepest recesses of their animal brains, a frenzied dog chases a terrified cat around a backyard. But this resourceful kitty has a trick up his furry sleeve -- a secret ninja move.

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