R.I.P. Cleyed, the One-Eyed Bengal Kitten
Cleyed the kitten was not long for this world. His mother's uterus was twisted around three times, and he was born a cyclops, with just one big eye. But he made a huge impact on the people in the operating room for the few minutes he was alive on this earth.
Awesome Cats Go ‘Gangnam Style’
We still can’t quite decide if ‘Gangnam Style’ is hilarious or slightly nightmare-inducing. One thing is for sure though--the mega-hit is straight up addicting, although we’re not exactly sure why.
Cat Uses Fork to Eat [Video]
A lot of people hate cats, but you have to admit they are pretty smart.  This cat proves that when it uses a fork to smash out some grub.
Greatest Cat Video Of All Time [Video]
Youtube is plagued with cat videos but I think I have found the greatest one of all time! What happens when you mix a slippery surface and a cat with nerves of steel trying to jump to another build? You get epicness....
Cats High Off Anesthesia Is Another Cat Video Hit [Video]
Two cat's come back from the vet still a bit woozy from the anesthesia. Leave it to a cat video to reach over half a million views in two weeks!
Most celebrities couldn't get that many views if they really wanted too. But most celebrities aren't as interesting as cats either...
Cat Breaks Into Freezer For FishSticks[Video]
Putting food in the freezer will not stop this cat from getting what he desperately needs, fish sticks!
So now that we know that no matter where you store your food a cat can potentially get it. What do we do? Put everything in plastic tubs? But what happens when they figure that out?

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