Cee Lo Green

Don Trip-Letter To My Son [Video, NSFW]
Fresh off  his Step Brothers mixtape Don Trip has struck gold with his new single 'Letter To My Son'.
In the words of the great Chris Rock, fathers never get any credit.
Finally a song was released with a male point of view.
Listen To The Cee Lo Demo Intended For Whitney Houston [Video]
Cee Lo came close to working with Whitney Houston. In fact, website Bling47 found a 2007 demo that Cee Lo did for Whitney called "All Alone Now".
The song was never used for Whitney, but it eventually became an outtake from Beyonce's "I Am … Sasha Fierce&q…
Cee Lo Green “Anyway’ [Video]
Cee lo has new a single out and the song is nice but, something else about it sticks out.
If your wondering what the hell I'm talking about I'm referring to the women in this video. They're not what you would call a video vixens. Some of them look a little suspect to me, a couple of th…
Cee Lo Green “Cry Baby” Official [Video]
I like to remeber Cee Lo Green from the good ol' days when he was part of Goodie Mob and not the mainstream, coach on a popular TV Show. Cee has been busy after his hit "F You" did so well, but to be honest I'm not much of a fan.
Rumors are also floating around that Cee Lo will be featued o…
Cee Lo Green Hits On Kelly Rowland [Video]
I love Cee Lo Green for his music and his out of the box thinking, but now I really love the man! Cee Lo has his own show on the Fuse Network called "Talking To Strangers". On this weeks episode he had R & B diva Kelly Rowland on and he did not disappoint. Cee Lo made an attempt to pic…
Cee Lo Green Planning New Gnarls Barkley Album And Vodka Deal [Video]
Cee Lo Green slipped up and said he's teaming back up with Danger Mouse to drop a new Gnarls Barkely album. There first hit together "Crazy" was just named the number 1 song of the 2000's, no details have been released about the so called album or release date and Cee Lo's label could not …

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