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iPhone 5 Is Officially Announced By Apple
The iPhone 5 is officially here after months of rumors and speculation were put to rest by Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller.  So how different is it different from the last iPhone?  You'll be surprised.
Are You Worried About Your Cell Phone’s Privacy?
Everyday we download and share tons of personal information right from the palm of our hand.  That may change though, as people are starting to become a little more aware of just how much personal information is shared.
Everything You Need To Know About “Phantom Vibrations”
You're sitting at work and you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket.  As you reach for it, you look up and see your phone sitting on the table.  You just experienced a phantom vibration.
The good news is that you are not alone, almost everyone has phantom vibrations.  New resear…
How Far Would You Chase Your Phone? [Poll]
If your cell phone accidentally dropped into an undesirable place, like the toilet, would you go in after it?
According to a new T-Mobile survey, 59% of people say ABSOLUTELY!  And we find out that the toilet isn't the only nasty place people are willing to go.
We Are Officially Addicted To Our Cell Phones
When was the last time you checked your phone?  Odds are good that it was less than an hour ago.
A new study shows that almost 60% of us can't go more than an hour without checking the phone.  The most shocking results came from the feelings that we get when we think we've lost ou…
People Find It Easier To Tell The Truth Over Text
A new study found that people are more likely to tell the truth over a text message than in a voice interview.
Does this mean that all you have to do when you need to know the truth is send a text?  Probably not, because liars will be liars, but it definitely shows that people are more likely to…
Most Of Us Only Know One Persons Phone Number By Heart
Cell phones have changed us way more than most of us would like to admit, and smart phones have been a major factor in the change.
A study from Virgin Mobile showed that not only are cell phones changing the way we interact, but they could be hurting our memory as well.  Don't buy it? …

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