One-Legged Cheerleader Makes Exclusive University of Arkansas Team
The gravity-defying tosses, spins and flips of college cheerleading are hard enough to do on two legs. Now imagine trying to do them on one.
That's Patience Beard's reality, as the 18-year-old lost her left leg to an illness when she was a baby. But she's never let her lack of a limb hold her back, a…
Hungry Cheerleader Is Hungry [Video]
College Cheerleading can be a very demanding activity sport.
It demands a high level of physical ability and mental focus.
The dedication that these athletes show to their sport, rivals the dedication of any of the athletes on the field.
There is one more thing that cheerleaders need, pretzels . . .&nb…
Mini-Cheer, Good Or Bad? [Video]
Watch this piece that aired on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. It's about "Mini-Cheer" which is a new craze across the country. There are huge tournaments that happen where little 6-8 year old girls compete in competitive cheer! It's serious business! What do you think ab…