Funky Fresh Sr. Choir Covers Rap Songs [Video]
It is clearly obvious that Hip Hop has crossed over into the mainstream. You pretty much see Hip Hop everywhere you go, from TV commercials, sports, movies, fast food advertisement even in the White House. But this has to take the cake.
Conan Joins A Gospel Choir [Video]
I have to admit that I don't watch Connan too much, because mostly he just seems awkward.
He just reminds of a boy that is currently going through puberty and he suddenly asks a girl that is way out of his league on a date.
Basically he reminds me of myself in high-school, and the outcome isn&apo…
Not A Fan Of “Sing Off”? You Will Be!
This show has never gotten it's full due for just how cool it really is.  I know that it's easy to call these choir boys nerds, and lets face it, who really likes Nick Lachey?  Do you know what is not easy?  Singing an Usher medley in front of millions of people like Committ…