Club93.7 Mom-N-Me Easter Egg Hunt [Video]
The Club937 Mom-N-Me Easter Egg Hunt happen Thursday out at Lasco Ford in Fenton. We had a great time out at Lasco Ford this Thursday! We had a great crowd, and the kids had a blast! I think one of then may have got lost inside one of the cars,but I'm sure he's fine. Check out the video Fu…
Nicki Minaj Gives Steve Nash A Lap Dance! [Video]
Nicki Minaj likes to give one lucky fan a lap dance every night during her concert.  Most of the time this is just some guy that gets pulled out of the crowd.  Last night, that guy was 2 time NBA All-Star Steve Nash! (or someone that looked exactly like him).  Check out the video.
Turkey Anyone?
K Dubb, Tonda Peterson and LV give out the details about Super Tuesdays Turkey giveaway with The Morris Peterson Jr Foundation, The Urban League of Flint and Flint's Club 93.7