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Joe Mande Explains the First Guy to Drink Milk [Video,NSFW]
One of my favorite things to watch is stand up comedy. As a matter of fact it is my goal to go to more stand up comedy shows.Late last year I ended up going to three different shows, Cedric the Entertainer, John Witherspoon, and one of my favorite comedians ever Marlon Wayans.
Key & Peele Talk About Consequences [Video]
I have been saying for a few years now that Key & Peele are the best at doing sketch comedy since the great Dave Chappelle. They are better than the God awful Carlos Mencia. Every week these two comedians prove me right.
Hannibal Burress Doing Stand Up [Video, NSFW]
I have recently heard of Hannibal Buress, but he has  been making some noise in the entertainment field since 2010.
In case you didn't know if some one can make me laugh then I automatically will like you. I don't know why but that is just how I am.
Aziz Ansari Doing Stand Up Comedy [Video, NSFW]
Stand-Up Comedy is probably my favorite form of comedy.
Even though it may look easy, just standing up walking around on a stage, telling jokes and making people laugh for at most an hour, I am positive there is a very intricate science to this art.

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