Remember Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock ‘It Takes Two?’
Remember Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock 'It Takes Two' song from the 80s?  I do and I even remember doing karaoke with Clay singing this song.  Yeah, I didn't know the words but it was fun to see and sing.  I was only 3 years old when this song was released.
Club 93.7’s Occupy Best Buy With MetroPCS [Contest]
Black Friday is only a few days away and this year its coming earlier than ever.
With most stores deciding to open their doors at midnight instead of waiting till the wee hours of Friday morning.
All that means is that you will have to get out even earlier to get the first spot in line, UNLESS you are…
‘Moneyball’ Sneak Premier, Win Tickets With Club 93.7
All weekend long Club 93.7 is giving you tickets to see 'Moneyball' starring Brad Pitt.  The movie won't be released in theaters until Friday, but we hooked up with Cinema Hollywood in Birch Run to bring it to you early!
Wednesday night 'Moneyball' will be on the big screen for Club 93.7 listeners on…