Dad Does a Crazy Freestyle [Video]
I know most dads can be, and usually are embarrassing, but once every century one dad will define the odds.
This regular dad who calls himself "just a crazy dad" freestyle to this instrumental about how he is a "cool dad".
2 Year Old Can Rap All The Presidents [VIDEO]
I really don't remember what I was doing when I was 2 years old, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't rapping the Presidents...matter of fact I know I wan't because I probably can't even name 10 of them! Little Rockford Ramirez is only 2 and can rapper all the Presidents of the Unit…
Cool Rihanna Interview [VIDEO]
As you may or may not know by how much you visit my blog, but I have a pretty big obsession crush on Rihanna and this interview makes me love her even MORE! It just show's how normal and down to earth she really is...boobs, tattoos, her addiction and more check it out.