Cop VS Black Guy [Video NSFW]
I love to watch satire videos like this because they are not afraid to address the Elephant.
No matter how big or uncomfortable that elephant may be, the best thing is to confront it and to do it right away.
Guy Slaps Cop Then Gets Beat Down [Video]
A drunk guy decides to slap a cop and pays the consequence. Kudos to the guy for having the balls to slap a cop, but the way he got beatdown was just silly.
Then towards the end the chick he was fighting with lays on top of him like he had just died! Drunk people are hilarious!
‘Creeper’ Cop Caught Cranking It on Dash Cam
Remember that scene in Super Troopers where Mac beats his meat to a billboard ad featuring a woman’s ruby red lips? He used his radar gun to measure how fast he could choke it. Well, that happened in real life when Santa Fe police officer Mike Eiskant forgot his dash cam was on and was recorde…
Girl Jumps Subway Booth And Fights Cop [Police]
You know that feeling when you are standing in front of a subway turn style, and you think "I could just jump over this and not pay."
Before you act on that impulse make sure you watch the video, because it doesn't work.  EVER!
The four girls that tried to jump were caught …

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