What Do You Want To Thank Your Dad For?
Fathers Day has always been weird holiday for me personally.  Growing up without a dad made the holiday just another Sunday in June.
Even when I had kids, I still never thought about Fathers Day as a legitimate holiday.  As my family grows I can see the huge impact that I have on my kids, and start t…
Father Beats Man To Death For Trying To Molest His Daughter [Video]
A Father came home and found a man trying to molest 4-year-old and then beat the man to death. Case closed, I don't find anything wrong with this personally.
This guy just did what any parent would do. Kill the shit out of this dude, and did it the most hands on way possible, with his fist...
Dad Reacts To His Daughter Calling Him Fat [Video]
A dad reacts to his 5-yr-old daughter calling him fat and saying she doesn't like him. Not only that her friends make fun of her dad for being fat.
Well Daddy has a few words to say to his daughter and her friends. Just remember, his daughter is 5, and he said all this in front of her face. I co…

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