Pulsebeat Should Have Been A Box Office Smash [Video]
Pulsebeat should have made more money than Avatar and Forest Gump combined!  The only real problems that this movie has are the story, script, actors and music.  I will say that it might be the best movie about aerobics ever made in the early 80's starring someone that looks like Slat…
Drunk Lady Has Trouble With The Alphabet [Video]
Not only is this drunk lady not good at the alphabet, but she's also quite a looker.  The fact that she is this daytime drunk tells me one thing . . . she likes to party!  Add up all these factors, and what we're saying here is that there's a chance!  Just don't as…
Move Like Bernie! [VIDEO]
I know you remember the movie "Weekend At Bernie's" I just found out that there is a dance to it??? Where have I this 4 year old kid Move Like Bernie!
Human Transformer Dances For The Crowd [Video]
The simple question is Why?  Why would you dedicate so much time to becoming a human transformer?  The answer is simple.  According to Drew, "Chicks think it's sexy".  Well played Drew, well played.
Club 93-7 Get’s Served!!!
Fynul Destination may have won the Dance Competition... But that was faaaaar from the end, watch the best battle  you've ever seen!!! Peep..
Club 93.7 Has Your Chance To Dance For MTV!
CLUB 93-7’S
MTV’S “America’s Best Dance Crew” is looking for new dance groups… and they want the best in the Flint/Saginaw area..
Calling all dance groups that want to compete for a guaranteed audition in front of the produce…

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