Dancing Cop Busts Moves at Democratic National Convention [Video]
Being a traffic cop would be boring as hell.  While all your coworkers are busy busting perps and throwing scumbags into the slammer, you're just making sure people stop at the light.  This dude took his boring ass job and freshened it up, busting sweet dance moves at the 2012 DNC.
Dancing Dad Dances Awesomely [Video]
It's ironic that some of the things that make the best dads are also some of the most embarrassing things for their kids.
The ability to sit, smile and dance is definitely a quality of a great dad.
Drunk Saskatchewan Football Fan Passes Out While Dancing [Video]
In Canada you might think that it's only about the Hockey, but in Saskatchewan they take their 'Roughrider' football pretty serious too.
So serious in fact, that before every home game is a party while fans wait for the doors to open.
I don't think this guy is going to get in thoug…
The Cutest Dance Recital Fight You Will Ever See [Video]
If you've ever seen the movie 'Black Swan' then you know that the world of dance can be a very competitive, cut throat industry.
These two year old dancing princesses know what's on the line for their future, and things get a little out of hand on stage!
Jeremy Fry Is The Best Dancing Celtics Fan Ever [Video]
The jumbo tron at any pro sporting event is the chance of a lifetime for everyone at the game.  The problem is, that most people are not ready to seize the moment that they appear on the jumbo tron . . . Jeremy Fry does not have that problem.
Kate Upton Does The ‘Cat Daddy’ In A Bikini [Video]
So let's just get one thing straight here, this video serves no real purpose at all.  It really is just under a minute of Kate Upton doing the 'Cat Daddy' dance in a Bikini.
If you were looking to find something else, you should just move along now.

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