Rihanna – ‘Where Have You Been’ Behind The Scenes Video
Rihanna is one of the busiest people in the music industry today, averaging just over an album a year since her introduction.
She makes an observation on the set of her 'Where Have You Been' video that with all of her touring and recording she hasn't had many chances to work on the cho…
Keith Apicary Auditions For A Kimberly Cole Dance Video
I feel a little ashamed of myself that I had never heard of Keith Apicary before seeing this video.  Even after watching it, I don't know much about him, other than the fact that he is awesome.
His Facebook says that, "Keith Apicary is a video game fan. He loves retro consoles and …
Baby ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It’ To Will Smith [Video]
It doesn't matter if your a baby or adult, Will Smith 'Gettin Jiggy wit It' will make you dance. Let's be honest there are only two things that will make me laugh, dancing babies and fat people falling.
Check out this baby gettin down to some Big Willy style.
Salsa Dancing Giants Fan Gets Punched By Patriots Fans [Video]
Let's talk about decisions for a second.  More specifically, the difference between a good decision and a bad decision.
Celebrating your favorite teams Super Bowl win after the game is usually a good decision.
It can quickly turn bad though as this young man demonstrates on camera.
252 Pound ‘Lulu’ Is World’s Heaviest Competitive Pole Dancer [Video]
LuAyne Barber, who also goes by 'Lulu' on stage, is not your typical pole dancer.  In fact she is about the size of two of your typical pole dancers.
The 252 pound, size 22 'pole princess' does not let her size stop her from doing every trick, spin, lift or split that her smaller competitors do.
LMFAO And Spongebob Make A Good Team [Video]
If you are the type of those people who has trouble with a song getting stuck in your head, you might not want to watch this.
The years most addictive songs mashed up with the oceans most annoying sponge is a recipe for disaster . . . or brilliance.
Tigger Can Dance – Four Best Tigger Dancing Videos
Disney is the happiest place on earth, and is the perfect place to go for a little family fun. If you watch closely though, you can catch a few unique moments that are not in the brochure. Tigger's dance moves are definitely one of the selling points, but they're worth the price of admiss…
Youth Football Teams Have A Pre-game Dance Off [Video]
Two Chicago area youth football teams were getting ready for their game with the usual routine of stretching, until the refs didn't show up on time.  That's when the dance off started.
The teams are made up of mostly 11 and 12 year old kids, and both teams were ready to play.  Once the coaches realiz…
Fat Kid Dances In A Speedo [Video]
I know it's not nice or politically correct to call this little kid fat, but it's also not nice for him to dance around in his speedo either.
I'm going to imagine that this is his parents way of getting him physically active.
They went the extra mile to find a way that their son would enjoy exercise.

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