People Run More Red Lights On Memorial Day Weekend
Running a red light is not an uncommon event considering more than 2.3 million people did it last year.
A new survey says that on Memorial Day Weekend, the number of drivers running red lights rises by almost 30%.
Women Are Better Drivers Than Men, Without Question
A study of traffic violations, collisions and insurance statistics of American men and women found women were much better drivers.
According to a safe driving study, about 80 percent of all fatal and serious U.S. car crashes were caused by male drivers.
March Madness Has a New Meaning in Michigan
With the NCAA March Madness tournie and St. Patty's Day right around the corner -- take warning when heading out to your favorite watering hole. Starting March 13th through April 3rd, 160 police agencies throughout Michigan will be cracking down on drunk driving.
Minivan Love Spills On To Expressway [Video]
Let's just start this out with the most obvious statement of all time:  Both parties involved in this video are not obeying the rules of the road.
The driver of this minivan must have a lot of very good things going for him, because I'm sure his pick up line of, "Hey mama, wanna get it on in the…
Driver Caught Texting And Swerving [Video]
Texting and Driving is against the law, but even if it weren't, its still just a bad idea.  When a driver noticed this kid swerving on the road he took a closer look.  The man called the police and decided to record the kid until they arrived.  What he filmed might be the best ev…
WATCH!Kid Cudi Is My FAVORITE! [Video]
The look of absolute disgust on this little girl's face is priceless!! As soon as the father gets into the car the little girl is upset. Now you would think Dad would say something to her to cheer her up. But this dad knows his daughter! Crank on some Kid Cudi and all is well...
Drunk Guy Uses Spit To Outwit The Cops [Video]
Spit is this guys duct tape, it can solve almost any situation.  Watch as he gives the cops every excuse possible while taking his sobriety test.  He goes peacefully enough, but when they arrest his lady friend . . . THEY DONE CROSSED DA LINE (Hillbilly voice).  Check it out.