Liquid Nitrogen and Pool Party Don’t Mix [Video]
A group of what looks like college students dump huge amounts of liquid nitrogen into a pool and tell everybody to "Jump in!". Seems safe enough right?
I mean the only time I've every heard of someone using liquid was for three simple reasons, experiments, killing people, and d…
How Not to Curl Your Hair [Video]
I love tutorial video that go horribly wrong and this video shows you how to properly destroy your hair.
Now, I grew up around a house full of girls and nothing made me laugh harder then a tragic accident that involves a young girls hair. You may not understand, but take in mind a young girls hair is…
Red Bull Astronaut Breaks his Ass Bone [Video]
This guy attempts to reenact the the red bull astronaut stunt by jumping off a building onto a huge bouncy ball and fails, hard.
I'm always surprised to see how stupid people can be. Especially when it's in a compilation.
Smoking Weed At A Young Age Makes You Dumb [Video]
A recently study on the world's most popular plant marijuana shows a significant drop in IQ for adolescents under the age of 18.
They study shows that the effects of marijuana can hinder the brain while it's going through important stages of development. So the lesson here kids, wait til yo…
Guy Drives Ferrari 458 Over Cops Foot [Video]
In a rush to get out a ticket a guy tries to pull off while getting written up for a ticket and runs over the cops foot that's issuing the ticket.
Normally I would scream police brutality but in this case I'm on the cops side and I would have pulled him out of that car and beat his ass too! What a je…