Elmo And He-Man Take On LMFAO [Video]
LMFAO should be flattered by all the parody's that have spawned from 'Sexy And I Know It'.
Homeless and Santa have been a couple so far that have been pretty funny.
This He-Man one might be my new favorite though.
Driver Wearing An Elmo Shirt Talks Tough To Reporters [Video]
I have no idea why this man was getting a ticket, or why the reporter was filming it.
I do know that he is angry and his threats to break the camera are hilarious!
Most people on the web are a making a big deal about this guys Elmo shirt, but the real story is how the policeman doesn't laugh.
Elmo Pretty Boy Swag [Video]
Elmo shows us how to really put it down with this remix video to pretty boy swag. If this video would have dropped with Soulja Boy album I would have bought countless copies( like 2)!!!
Sesame street has reached a new level of swag and Elmo is leading the pack! I can't wait for Big Birds remix t…