Fugitive Teenager Taunts Cops on Facebook and Gets Arrested
If you're sleeping under a rock and haven't found out the cops are using Facebook, you need to wake up now.  One troubled teenager found out the hard way after taunting cops on Facebook.  The UK teen thought he was living a movie but reality struck him, quickly.
Facebook to Implement Video Ads When Viewing Profiles
The website that you love to hate will give you another reason to take a break from signing on.  Facebook will implement video ads when you view profiles.  In the past year, Facebook has tried to bring in extra revenue with savvy strategies and they've worked, I guess.
Mother Informed By Police of Her Son’s Death Via Facebook
A mother was informed by the police of her son's death via Facebook.  After being dead for 20 days, the mother was informed by the police in her Facebook inbox.  Finding out your child has passed away is sad but it becomes worse when you have to find out on Facebook. SMH.
Why Is Facebook Losing So Many Users?
Facebook is still the King, Queen, Prince and probably the Duke of social media, but that's not stopping the growing trend of people leaving Facebook.  So the obvious question is why?
Parents Informed About Daughter’s Death on Facebook
Parents were informed about their daughter's death on Facebook.  A female college student at Valdosta State University was found dead in the study area of her dorm after being dead for 12 hours.  Parents were not notified by the VSU before they found the news out on a friends Facebook…
Your Facebook Copyright Notice Status Update Is Bogus
If you've been on Facebook over the last few days, you've probably seen that some of your friends have posted a copyright notice as their status update.
The message suggests that the poster has copyrighted all the material on their Facebook page thanks to the authority of somethin…

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